Who We Are

Exit Poll a unit of Vrittant Communique Pvt Ltd. is a multi-dimensional media communication group which has been working for a decade.  We worked in several areas such as Election Campaigning & Exit Polls, Education, Public Relations, Print & Electronic Media, Political Profiling, Video Production & Publications.

“You might have multiple requirements, and we are here to provide you with the best solutions.”

  • We are an experienced group of professional individuals from the field of IIT’s, IIM, IIMC, Print & Electronic Media, Media Consultants, Designers & Event Managers.
  • Our aim is to set an agenda for the nation, through creating a direct connection with the country, state, constituencies, blocks and panchayats, and make their issues reach to their leaders.
  • We hope to create trained leaders through skilled resources, youth awareness, socio-political awareness, and creating leadership & political opportunities for the youth.

“Energy, Enthusiasm, Excellence”

Vikas Bansal


One of the leading strategists present in the country today with having a turnaround background on corporate and political front. He is a political consultant and strategic advisor recognized for creating several winning strategies for top political leaders and parties in India. He has first-hand experience of over a decade of strategic communications, project development and strategy implementation in the field of political and corporate management. To add on to his accolades, he has been a start up mentor, serial entrepreneur and also holding the various positions across diversified corporate sectors to mention few as Global director of Business Alliances at SERI International , National Head for India – BSY group USA and India partner – The Egg Stop Dubai.

Our Team

Dr. Nakul Mishra

(IIT Dhanbad, MS & PhD from University Of California) He is a Postdoctoral researcher & employs various spectroscopic techniques. Skilled physical chemist with extensive training and experience in the engineering and physics of analytical instrumentation. Experienced in sample preparation, analysis and mechanistic studies. Efficient in working in multidisciplinary teams, adaptability and time management skills.

Hitendra Katiyar

(IIT Bombay) He has a 5 year Corporate experience with a major company like OLA. Experienced Program manager with a demonstrated history of working in the internet and digital industry. He is highly skilled in the field of operations management, CRM, leadership and product development.

Sharsha Keshkar

(IIT Bombay) He is an experienced management consultant with a demonstrated history of working with the global leading management consulting firm, skilled in operation Management, Market Research, Growth and market entry strategy and Financial Modelling. 

Ankit Kumar

(IIT Bombay) He is highly experienced in operations management and is a startup enthusiast with the demonstrated history of working with VC funded startup Time My Task. He is skilled in market research and business development.

Rohit Singh

(IIT Dhanbad) 4 years rich experience in education industry. Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth. Introduces concepts into curriculum related to life and social skills.

Rishabh Gupta

(IIT Dhanbad) 5 years rich experience in education industry. Superior interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with students, staff and parents Demonstrated an ability to consistently individualize instruction, based on student’s needs and interest.

Anupam Kumar Mishra

(University of Delhi) He is an expert in team handling, operations and People Management Consultant. He has proven abilities in problem-solving, people management and motivation. He has highly experience in managing teams and carrying out team operations.

Shashi Bhusan Mishra

He is a Political Speaker, Consultant with a rich knowledge of Media, event and campaign management. He has worked in several election campaigns around the country and is highly experienced in managing workers.

Himanshu Singh

BA(Journalism and Mass Communication) Amity University. He is an explicit journalist, an enthusiastic anchor who has experience in the field of broadcast media. A team player who knows how to work with the team and get the work done. He is also experienced in the field of content writing and development.

Abhishek Mishra

(BHM- PUSA New Delhi) He has a 10 yrs of rich experience in Hotels & Hospitality Management worked with Taj Group of hotels, Country Inn, Radisson.

Founding members of Vrittant have managed campaigns & government initiatives at both National/Cabinet & state level (Gujarat, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra among others). They are truly a diverse group and belong to premier universities like IITs, IIMs, UCD, etc.

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