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A candidate applies for a MLA/MP seat. His team creates a website, a Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn Account. They get 20,000 or more followers and equal number of likes from people all over India. Will this help him win?The answer is ‘NO’.

“In these unpredictable times there is no certainty as who will be the winner of next elections. Donald Trump, whose bid for the President of United States, seemed laughable to many of us, has clinched the top post. Riding high on his controversial stance and campaigning, the Republican comfortably beat the Democratic contender Hillary Clinton, leaving many in utter shock. But Trump did not achieve the unachievable on his own. Like any other high-profile political contender, Trump had behind him a full-fledged campaign team, which worked relentlessly to get him the desired numbers. And for a controversial and ‘un-Presidential’ personality that Trump cut for himself, we assume that the task of his campaign team must have been even more difficult.

Barack Obama’s team arguably ran the greatest presidential campaign ever — in the sense that it pulled out the rug from underneath the political establishment. Of course the internet played a crucial role in raising money, building support for the candidate between new coalitions of people, and spreading his message. But just how important was that role, and can other political candidates replicate the Obama campaign’s success?

Led by Prashant Kishor, the CAG Team’s participation in various Major Elections including General Election 2014, Bihar Elections 2015, Punjab Elections 2017, etc. is not a hidden mystery. Their help and support changed the face of Polls to such an extent that they got International Projects and registered an undisputed impact on the election results. The winnings of Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar have proven the benefits of Political Consultants in the field. The Prashant Kishor’s team and their Shadow Performance played a major role in framing the outcome of the election poll.

Rajat Sethi & Shubhrastha are yet another example of excelling Political Consultants. The young duo rose to fame when it worked tirelessly to carve out a win for a political party in Assam in 2016.

As the times are changing, so are the methods of promoting a party and its agenda. While the traditional methods continue to play their role, modern methods like Social and Digital Media are creating major impact on the results. The political campaigns and promotional methods are capturing essence of Corporate Promotion & Advertising. Man to man marking and voter influencing methods are every day reaching higher peaks. The Image building methods are even competing to Film Industry. In such a competitive environment, everyone needs new and fresh ideas. This is where we come in to fulfill your needs.

Our team comprising of young achievers as well as highly experienced people, provide you with extremely virtuous ideas which will change the face of your political career. We encourage out of the box ideas, modern methods, Digital Promotion, yet preserving the essence of traditional political approach.

We have in house media partners, print media and digital media, newspaper, magazine as well as web channels to cater your needs, thus providing a complete solution and also executing it in real time. We have tailored modules for the training & grooming of the candidates & members, so that they become the face which will bring a change in the Future. Our shadow performance will bring you in such a Light that there will be no shadows at all.

A candidate applies for a MLA/MP seat. His team creates a website, a Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn Account. They get 20,000 or more followers and equal number of likes from people all over India. Will this help him win?

The answer is ‘NO’.

Many major parties like ‘Congress’ have made it mandatory to have 15,000 followers or likes(genuine) in your social profile. While other companies only promise and give no result, as they just surge your website by SEO and increase the likes on your social page through software, We work in real time to get you liked not just in social media but also among the public. We provide Personal Grooming, create your Documentary, organise Debates and Events, Opinion Polls, etc. to promote you and your party. We provide LED vans so as to play the songs and videos created by us for you in the public rallies.

Many slogans, tag lines, events organised for the promotion of a political party which build an unmovable wave in the mass have been the production of our Consulting Team. E.g. ‘Abki Baar Modi Sarkar’, Bihar me Bahar hai, Nitishe Kumar Hai’, ‘Chai Pe Charcha’, ‘Khaat Sabha’, ‘Coffee with Captain. All the above examples which include slogans, songs, shows, events, etc. have been the compositions of Our Consultants under the banner of CAG, I-PAC who are bringing new and modern techniques to the field. The traditional methods have faced great challenges because of this.

We approach the targeted audience locally, state wise as well as nationally as per required and in correct order so as to increase the number of Supporters throughout. We establish various criteria for our target audience and apply each & every method of promotion to reach to their hearts and increase the number of volunteers for the party, thus creating a wave which will convert into votes eventually. Meanwhile also using all the available methods to bring you to the top against all the other competing parties. We encourage the members, workers and volunteers to work tirelessly with us until all of us win, as it is not just your election but our election together.

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